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Why Sire Broker?

Access to thousands of SIRES

Part of setting up a breeding program is knowing what DNA is on the market for purchase and how to get it. Unlock thousands of farms with instant buying access at your fingertips.

Simplify your breeding process

Those who have been in the industry know that the job isn't done with just finding what you want. You have to negotiate price, set up shipping, and ensure it's delivered on time. We take care of that leg work for you. POINT, CLICK, BUY, SHIP.

Premier Handling & Delivery

We've partnered with the best in shipping to offer a true white glove service when delivering and shipping products.

Ease of marketing

Now you have the power to market your herd for FREE! Upload pictures and videos of your SIRES to start marketing their genetics and make money while you sleep!

Increased Exposure

Not only do you have immediate market exposure by uploading your SIRES. But you can also purchase Ad space to get increased market exposure and visibility.

Use on your phone anywhere, anytime.

With today's emerging technology, you now can upload, sell and buy whenever you feel like it. Day or night, no waiting on return phone calls or missed opportunity.

Changing the way you market

We are proud to offer custom designs for print adds & add space directly on the application.


Our basic add package includes 1 sire print screen advertisement in PDF, JPEG & Vector format.


Our basic package except, you get 2 sire print advertisements per year. Use when you want! We also feature your new sire add in our "Recent Adds" space in the application for 1 month.


For those looking for the ultimate exposure. 3 sire adds per year, recent add space feature for 1 month & banner pop ups feature your add for 1 month.

After spending ample time in the breeding industry, I found that breeders invest a great deal of time trying to find the perfect sire for their herd, as well as market their own sires for exposure. This can be a daunting task that takes months of searching, finding owners, funding, shipping, coordination and advertising. Now there is a one stop shop to simplify it all and keep you involved in other tasks for your business. Make money while you sleep and start your sire journey today!
Sam Suttle
President / CEO